What you can expect from us

Our client service approach

The initial meeting.
We would always like to organise a meeting with you in person and at your place of business for us to get to know you and to see what the business operation entails. And more importantly, so you have the opportunity to get to know us and see who we are as a person and a future business partner. We would then listen and learn more about you and your business so we have a detailed understanding of what your requirements and needs are moving forward. We would then formulate a business specific needs analysis for you to complete which will give us enough information to initiate the marketing phase, provide full disclosure and develop a risk strategy and plan.

The hard work starts.
Once all of the information has been obtained we would then start the process of approaching a number of specialist insurance markets and underwriting agencies. As your dedicated insurance broker and advisor and always acting on your behalf, we would then review, compare and negotiate better cover and price to tailor a bespoke insurance program with recommendations for your business requirements and needs.

Presenting your bespoke insurance program.
Once we have developed an insurance program tailored specifically for your business we would then meet with you to discuss in simple terms what we have to offer. We will explain the cover provided within the contract of insurance, the limitations of the cover, risk retention options, policy exclusions and provide you with the insurer’s original policy documents. We would provide feedback on your current insurance program, show which markets we have approached and their feedback, explain why we have recommended this tailored insurance program for your business and then provide our recommendations which we feel the business should consider. In our detailed report, you will also find educational information about different insurance policies you currently have and the insurance policies we have recommended including claims scenarios so you can get a better understanding of what these insurance policies cover and how it protects your business. In addition, we would also work with you in implementing a Risk Management Program for you and your business which would look at things like risk prevention and loss minimisation so we can continue to look at ways in mitigating risk to ultimately reduce current and future premium costs.

Delivering ongoing superior service.
Your insurance program is now in place and it’s now time to work on activating your Risk Management program and strategy. We will make the whole process simple and easy and we will manage the program ongoing. We will conduct regular reviews and meetings (based on your schedule) and make sure you continue to have the right level of protection in place. We can assist in providing educational and informative guides for your business and employees on risk management, cyber awareness, housekeeping tools & resources, loss prevention – self inspection checklist on reducing hazards, risk awareness guides, risk exposures specific to your business and industry, guides for quality control and more.

Managing your claims.
Claims handling is often uncertain, confusing and time consuming and this is where we always exceed expectations and provide superior service. We prepare, manage, and facilitate the speedy lodgement of all claims from the very beginning right down to when the claim is finalised then closed and you are 100% satisfied. We would also look to minimise any further financial loss and help re-establish your business as fast as we can until you get your business back to where it was before the claim. The next step is ascertaining why and how the claim occurred and developing a plan and process to make sure it doesn’t happen again. You can always rely on us to be available 24/7 for you and your business.

Reviewing and renewing.
We treat your renewal like it was a new client and will provide a full review. This process is straight forward, due to the fact we already have most of the business information already on file and we only require the basics and any changes to the business. We will start the process at least 4 to 6 weeks from the renewal (earlier depending the type of risk) so that we have the time to meet with you, obtain updated information on the business and make any changes to your insurable limits of cover. We also believe it’s important to have sufficient time to have discussions with the current insurers and to look at alternate markets to make sure we have secured the best rates available in the market and the best insurance protection for our client.


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